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The Mighty Hun

Book 8 of the Once Upon A Villain Series, Heart of the Hun by Love Journey.

Powerful. Fearless. Merciless.

Forever the villain?

Men speak of Shan Yu in hushed, fearful whispers under the cloak of night. Rightfully, his reputation proceeds him as the cold and fearless leader of the mighty Hun that bows to no man. Time has hardened the heart of this ruthless killer and nothing matters more than the power and glory of his quest to conquer China.

Until one fateful day, when his life hangs in the balance, and a powerful sorceress gifts the brooding warrior with a chance to rewrite his destiny; reuniting him with the only woman that ever loved him, Natasha.

Shan Yu

"In the heat of battle, he often discarded the heavy coats he wore and faced his opponents bare-chested. Violence ran through his veins, and he felt no remorse."

The Huns believed in protecting the land, and this foolish consuming nation that destroyed forests to feed their wasteful cities, prancing around in their fancy robes, while striping the land for gold. It was disrespectful, they had forgotten their roots. The Hun believed they needed the right leader to restore the correct order of things; a return to traditions.

Shan Yu was ruthless and over confident as he went against the Imperial Army. However, something happened. A lone petite soldier pointed the Imperial Army's last cannon at the Hun, causing an avalanche that turned the mountain pass into a trap! In seconds, he and half his army disappeared beneath the landslide. He had never been outmaneuvered, in his haste to win this last battle he'd been caught slipping.

Yu dug his way out of a snowy grave, body broken, but still alive. A few of his men managed to dig their way out too. It was here that the beautiful Eternal Witch, Celeste Dubois came to him with an offer he could not refuse. She showed him a premonition of his short lived victory if he continued on his path to glory. He and what was left of his army would be defeated by Mulan, a woman of all things! He had a decision to make, death or life? China or Shangri La? Find out when you read this incredible story for yourselves! Click on the book picture above to buy.


"As he lay trapped beneath the earth, his thoughts drift to Natasha, the woman he left behind for a life of war of glory. She was lovely as ever with her soft full lips. No one smiled like she did for him."

Oh, I loved this story! A scene from the Disney movie Mulan, played in my head, when she defeats the Hun in battle and the song, Bring honor To Us All, from Mulan.

Also, I loved the characters, Shan and Natasha. No disappointment here! A Sweet & Clean romance, a true fairy tale, but with action and adventure, even maps and pictures! Short, but powerful impact! I give this book 5 hearts for its content, characters and world building!

Review by Mahogany SilverRain

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