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Christmas with a Minotaur Shifter

A very alpha Christmas book one.

The adorable little shifter town of Perdition, Texas, turns into a winter wonderland every December.

Which is why minotaur shifter Mitch Wayne has carefully cultivated a Grinchy, grumpy persona for years. He hates Christmas, and he hates how the friendly town residents seem to be even friendlier during this time of year. Every year, he hides in his log cabin mansion outside of town, safe from the merry making, and avoided going into town until after the New Year.

The only thing Mitch hated more than Christmas was having strange people in his space.

So why did he bring a woman stranded on the side of the road during a snowstorm back to his cabin? A woman with the absurd name of Petunia, who was too young, too cheerful, too Christmassy to be endured? A woman who interrupted his solitude with holiday cheer, set off his smoke detectors with her cooking, but fascinated his beast and his libido?

Mitch is six-foot five in human form and seven-feet when he shifts. Strong as an ox, but by nature, a recluse, minotaurs were the rarest of all shifters. His voice a deep bass, sounds louder and gruffer when he shifts.

Petunia Green, who likes to be called Tu, is moving from Ohio to the small Texas town. She was used to driving in the snow, but not the icy roads of Texas. After driving an impressive 1100 miles in a small car with a trailer in tow, she thinks it will be a breeze as she continues her journey up a hill singing "Jingle Bells" while bouncing in her seat. But when a large heavy truck flies by her, it causes her to fishtail and skid off the road in a slide that seems to take an hour, but was really only 30 seconds. The car lands on it's side and Petunia hits the headrest hard. When Mitch finds her, his first thought was pretty.

"Mitch was struck by the uncomfortable idea that she was the reason he had felt compelled to roam the highways for the past few weeks."

Petunia looks at him and is not intimidated at all by his shifted state. In fact, she wondered what he looked like in human form. The chemistry between these two is literally electrifying! Neither one has ever experienced that before.

Mitch secures her car and trailer on the back of his tow truck and takes her to his log cabin outside of Perdition. Being stuck together for a few days as the winter storm rages on, they exchanged nothing more than twelve words. Mitch stayed grumpy and never smiled. He kept an eye on her as she may have a concussion. He tries to keep his urges and feelings under control by practically ignoring. Petunia is the opposite of Mitch with her perky, cheerful, upbeat personality and she was determined not be ignored by the man who stirs such wonderful sensations in her body.

Mitch thought of every reason they should not be together from the twenty year age gap to the her being too perky to minotaur males mating late in life and the minotaur's kiss. An intimate touch with his true mate that would forever doom him to pine for her and he would not want any other woman. Ever, point, blank, period.

The cover intrigued me and a minotaur as a shifter is new to me. However, I enjoyed the emotional tug-of-war between these two! I mean age is nothing but a number, and when your true mate walks into your life, everything else is trivial. It hooked me in the first two chapters and it only gets better after that. I highly recommend this book!

I give this book 5 hearts! Great holiday story and beautifully written by Erin St. Charles.

Blessings, peace and love,

Mahogany SilverRain

Erin St. Charles

Check out her website and follow her on social media!

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