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A Man, a Woman, and... a Frog?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

I have heard of love triangles, but one with a frog? Too funny! I can only describe The Frog and The Lady, by romance author Lawrence Hall, laugh out loud funny! From start to finish, this book had me laughing so much, even my two-year-old German Shepherd, Bella, was looking at me funny! This is a short story, but an epic romantic comedy! Mr. Hall packs a lot into this story and I am impressed with his comedic timing!

Anderson, 'The Stone', just knows he has it going on. Handsome, physically fit, a great job, and all the right moves, until he brings his date home one night. Everything was perfect, and I quote, "he was going to dive into her just like an Olympic swimmer, and he would not be satisfied until he brought home the gold." However, he heard a noise from a corner of the room. "Hold on for a second, Jennifer."

"It's Jessica." The noise turned out to be a mouse, which had Anderson and Jenni... I mean, Jessica, screaming for the other to kill it! Given an ultimatum of "it's either me or the mouse, Anderson shuffles the woman out of the door saying, "I've got to get up early in the morning anyway, I'll call you."

He actually preferred the mouse in his apartment, "live and let live," he says.

As for Emily, the other main character, she preferred to read a good book than sitting across from her date, who was boring her to death talking about himself and she could not get a word in edge-wise! When he finally asks her what she does for a living, he cut her off again. He then tells her she was in for a treat, that he was a great lay! I would have left then, but Emily is good person, she finished the date. At least the food was good!

"Oh, did I tell you about the car I was able to purchase as a result of the bonus I recieved?"

"I'm sure it's nice." She gave him a half-hearted smile.

"Oh, it's more than nice. Listen, after our meal, I'll take you take you for a ride. There's plenty of room in the backseat"

"Why is that important? Do you have kids?"

"No, I'm kid-free. By design." He said with a winkd that made her skin itch. "There's room in the backseat, in case after I let you ride in my car, I let you ride something else."


Well that night ended with her throwing him out of her place saying she had an early morning! Go Emily! Personally, he would not have gotten that far with me, but Emily is a

nice person. And it just so happens that Emily works at the same place Anderson does. There is something that passes between the two, but only in glances, not real conversation. Emily has been pinning away for him, but never says anything until one evening Anderson is pretty forward with her and she doesn't rebuff him. Looks like they might have something after all!

However, enter the Frog. The frog whose croak sounds like a freight train that wakes Anderson out of a deep sleep at 5 AM and throws him off his game on the day of his big presentation! Even his usual workout was not the same. He was so tired, he passed out on the bench in the locker room, waking up three hours later! He missed his 9 AM presentation to an important client! Luckily, the client rescheduled.

When Emily asked what happened to him, he blurts out, "there was a frog." Emily bursts into laughter that makes Anderson feel worse than he already does. He swore then and there to kill that frog!

"The song of the frog continued to drive through the softness of his pillows, through his ear canal and touched the part of his brain that stimulated his hate."

It was a rough start for Emily and Anderson. However. when Emily goes to his home to apologize, Anderson, who has had several shots of liquid courage, kisses her and sparks fly between them. Hot and heavy is all I can say about these two!

"It's all good until...croak! "Is that a frog? Emily asked.

"See, I told you!" Anderson said in a hushed tone.

"Aww, he's so cute!"

"Whatever," his voice dripped with ill will."

He was set to get rid of that frog! However, Emily being the sweet person she is, wanted to spare the frog. That's right folks, the frog has done it again! Emily leaves in a huff as she could never be with someone who wants to hurt a defenseless animal.

Is this the end of Emily and Anderson? Is a frog really Anderson's biggest problem?

If you want to know, you've got to read it! I found this book quite entertaining, funny, passionate and a good read! It's a good laugh with a side of steamy sex that will keep you reading and wanting more, so get The Frog and the Lady today!

Review by Mahogany SilverRain

About Lawrence Hall

Lawrence Hall is a storyteller, optimist and author of the romance Vigilante book series. His blood type is caffeine, and one day will probably have to be surgically removed from his keyboard. With over a decade of teaching experience, Lawrence has mastered the art of daydreaming and character development. Living in North Carolina, Lawrence may have seen every romantic comedy made in the last twenty years. Whether he wanted to or not.

You can follow him on social media:




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