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Spank You Very Much!

Breaking Rebecka by romance author R&C Christiansen is a roller coaster ride of thrills! This story took me on a wild ride. Rebecka Davenport seemed to have everything. However, looking a bit deeper, she hid her shame and guilt well. wearing a cool, steel-like facade that makes others run in the opposite direction at the very mention of her nickname, Beck.

No one is free from self-doubt, including Rebecka, who had to take over her father's empire, along with caring for her younger brother. She comes face to face with the sins of her past, dealing with it like a true bad ass. Her no nonsense approach is rebuffed by Ronan, a man who is more dominant than she and has the skills to free her from herself, if she allows him to. Ronan gives her the punishment she craves, the pleasurable release her body needs, and the love she desires.

Dominic, a brilliant artist dying from leukemia, is a constant reminder of all her sins. The attraction and temptation is simmering just beneath the surface with Dominic. She is vulnerable with him. She knows a dirty little secret that could save his life, that is, if she can get past her guilt. It just might break the strong-willed Rebecka and she'll be damned before she let's another man break her. However, if she does, she just might find the strength, healing and love she longs for.

This book is a slow burn, that aims to tease, please, and bring a girl to her knees! Fifty Shades has nothing on this book! The author's beautifully written power plays, domination, and ultimate submission, will have you reeling! I give this book five hearts and ten fire emojis! This is my first book from this author and it looks like there is a new Domme in town, and I cannot wait to read more! Mahogany Says... get this book!

Review by Mahogany SilverRain

R & C Christiansen

About R &C Christiansen

R&C Christiansen is a proud Canadian, mother, wife, and a new author. She writes dark romance/romantic suspense novels, She enjoys reading, when she is not writing. She likes to indulge in a glass of wine and spend time with her dogs. She is also a very talented with making video book trailers and created the video seen above.

Her other books are Master Morgan and latest release, Seducing Serenity,

You can find her on social media:

Instagram: @rcchristiansenauthor

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