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Imani's Gift is a quick, joyous read filled with compassion, passion, and a mysterious undertone. So, if you are in the mood for a wonderful quickie to enjoy through your lunch break, then you definitely will want to check out Imani' Gift.


A short read for the holidays...

All her life, they had told Imani Aliyah that one day she would meet her soul mate. Although Imani had dated, she never dived into a serious relationship, mainly because her father had always hindered any forward progress since that man was not her true mate. Then Imani met Dr. Isaak Silverman, and her life changed forever.  
While giving an Ethiopian Jews lecture to a graduate group of students, Dr. Isaak Silverman became instantly intrigued by a raven haired, golden eyed beauty sitting in his class. As luck would have it, she turns out to be the daughter of a friend from his past - a secret past brought to the forefront while Isaak spends the holidays with Imani and her family.

Imani's Gift (pdf)

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