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Finding love again is challenging, especially if you are a vampire.  So what's a lady vamp to do?

After losing her century long vampire mate, Dominique LeRoy must find a new mate.  Using modern technology, she finds Richard Montague, an accountant who is also a fire-ball throwing wizard named Azazel. When they meet for a lunch date, their individual powers draw them together, but with one side effect; their attraction and combined power spreads to the surrounding people in the restaurant making everyone amorous! 

Pursuing a relationship with Dominique proves problematic when he learns she is the one supernatural creature he hates most, a vampire! Dominique may be special; being a telepathic hybrid, vampire/human but can Richard/Azazel let go of his hatred and love Dominique for who and what she is?

Love Bytes A Vampire's Tale (PDF)

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