Finding love again is challenging, especially if you are a vampire.  So what's a lady vamp to do?

After losing her century long vampire mate, Dominique LeRoy must find a new mate.  Using modern technology, she finds Richard Montague, an accountant who is also a fire-ball throwing wizard named Azazel. When they meet for a lunch date, their individual powers draw them together, but with one side effect; their attraction and combined power spreads to the surrounding people in the restaurant making everyone amorous! 

Pursuing a relationship with Dominique proves problematic when he learns she is the one supernatural creature he hates most, a vampire! Dominique may be special; being a telepathic hybrid, vampire/human but can Richard/Azazel let go of his hatred and love Dominique for who and what she is?

Love Bytes A Vampire's Tale (PDF)

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  • Will it be love or loyalty? Dominique LeRoy, the hybrid Vampire Queen of New Orleans, must choose. Three men love her, but only one can be her vampire mate.

    With the death of her century long vampire mate, Henri, she becomes the most sought-after prize by every power hungry vampire in the world. Asmodeus, the best friend of her late husband, wants to be her mate; Her power is addicting to him and he wants more. Though she chooses Azazel, a powerful fire-ball throwing wizard as her mate, her ties to her wereleopard/panther guardian Jason and his wereleopards, and the allegiance of Azazel's Wizard community; she poses a threat to the centuries-old Vampire Blood Council. Even they do not have the allegiance of the magical community and the shifters. She has gained too much power for one vampire. They give her an ultimatum, turn the wizard into a vampire to prove her loyalty, or they both die a traitor's death. Will she choose love or an all out war with the Vampire Blood Council?