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Mahogany SilverRain


I’ve been working on this latest release for quite some time now, and can’t wait for you to read it. This book first started out as a short story called Love Bytes: A Vampire Tale from my first book, Ebony Encounters: A Trilogy of Erotic Tales. I have written a special edition to compliment the novel.   My first novel, originally called, The Blood Rose, has been picked up by a traditional publisher, Simply Inspired Words Publishing. It is in the works for late 2019.


Breaking the laws of magic, a supernatural serial killer has been unleashed upon the unsuspecting city of Atlanta, Georgia... 

Book 1 of the Kenya Clark series

Special Agent Kenya Clark of the GBI Paranormal Crimes Investigation Unit, has been given the case.  Her assigned partner, Darrin Selensky, hates having anything to do with the supernatural. Kenya has a gift that allows her to see the crime through the eyes of the victim. However, in this case, she sees through the eyes of the killer! Kenya must find her connection to the killer, but can Darrin swallow his pride and allow Kenya to perform her duties using supernatural means even if it messes with his mind, body and soul?


Sake and Pumpkin Pie

"A great story from beginning to end with a lot of detail! Fascinating history of Japan folklore. Ms. SilverRain spins an awesome tale of fantasy and contemporary romance. I love the fact that the female lead is a strong and intelligent woman of color."

~Becca King, Amazon customer