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In reading my books, you will discover a more interesting world of magic, where the power of love reigns, and the supernatural is an everyday occurrence.

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Passion's Pride Series Book 2

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The Maya jaguar shifters have lived in the Sonoran Desert of Sonora, Mexico, for hundreds of years away from human eyes. However, their home is threatened by the building of a food and bakery manufacturing plant in Alamos, Sonora, owned by Groupo Susteno, a corporation that Rosa Carrillo, head of the Carrillo Cartel in Chihuahua, Mexico is a board member. She and her twin brother, Javier plan to use it as front for drug trafficking into the United States. It will make the quiet, colonial town of Alamos, Sonora, one of the safest tourist spots, just as dangerous as Chihuahua, with its high murder count.

Alejandro Aapo Cadmael of the La Avana jaguar shifter tribe, is the son of King Gabor Cadmael, who is training him to lead the tribe and help him choose a worthy queen. Alejandro has other plans though, he prefers to hang around the music and art loving humans in Alamos, and play his guitar.


Regina Hightower is a human conservationist from Tucson, AZ who has a special ability to communicate with animals. When she arrives in Novajoa, Sonora on her way to Alamos for the ten day Alfonzo Tirado Arts and Music Festival, she gets more than she bargains for when a luggage mix up puts her in danger with three drug coyotes who work for the Carrillo Cartel. They think she has stolen five million dollars in cash from them.


When Alejandro has a premonition of Regina's fight with the drug coyotes from thirty miles away, he rushes to Novajoa to save her. Regina is holding her own, even breaking the nose of one of the drug coyotes, until one of the men holds a gun to her head. When Alejandro knocks the man out cold, saving Regina, he takes her on the run to keep her safe from the cartel and they fall in love. However, when Alejandro's father dies in a shootout with the cartel enforcers and mercenaries, it forces Alejandro to become the new king. Now that Alejandro is a king, Regina doesn't feel she would make a worthy queen. With the help of an unlikely ally, can this reluctant jaguar king lead his people, protect his homeland and make Regina, a human, his queen?

Season 2 of Once Upon a Villain is here!

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 (Season 2 ) Once Upon A Villain Series Book 3

SORCERY. REVENGE. An all powerful genie, an itty bitty living space.

Jabaar is the son of the royal midwife and the Sultan's royal military advisor, but he is not of royal blood. Aaliyah, one of the Sultan's many daughters, who is of African descent, captures his heart in their youth. Practicing the magical arts, the Sultan becomes impressed with him and treats him like a son, but denies him Aaliyah’s hand in marriage.
When one of the Sultan's wives gives birth to a stillborn son, the only male heir, the grieving Sultan orders the death of the midwife. Jabaar swears he will make the Sultan pay for his mother's death and for denying him his love.
Using the magical skills his mother taught him, he brings the kingdom of Algeraya to it's knees.
Doing so has cost him his beloved Aaliyah, and his heart turns to stone. If she won't love him willingly, he will force his way into her heart. Tricked into becoming a genie, Jabaar is forced to abide by the laws of the genie of the lamp. Given a second chance to change his destiny, will he make the same mistakes?

Release date 9/19/20!

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Sake and Pumpkin Pie

"A great story from beginning to end with a lot of detail! Fascinating history of Japan folklore. Ms. SilverRain spins an awesome tale of fantasy and contemporary romance. I love the fact that the female lead is a strong and intelligent woman of color."

~Becca King, Amazon customer