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Mahogany SilverRain

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International Best-Selling Author

"Unlock Your Imagination with Mahogany SilverRain's Enchanting World of Paranormal Romance!"

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Upcoming Release! 1/26/24
Passion's Pride

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Embrace the Untamed Magic in the heart of Siberia.

In the frost-kissed heart of Siberia, where the snow-laden mountains guard secrets as old as time, a tale of passion and destiny unfolds. Nikolai Ivanov, a Siberian tiger shifter hailing from the Tigra clan, and Natasha Edwards-Orlov, an adopted biracial beauty with roots entwined in both Russian and African American heritage.
Natasha, raised by her adoptive Russian parents in the United States, sets out on a quest to discover her birth mother's family in the enigmatic land of Siberia. Little does she know her journey will entwine her destiny with that of Nikolai, a fierce and captivating shifter. Their fates collide when Nikolai, in his magnificent tiger form, first crosses paths with Natasha as she glides through the snowy mountains near his cabin. The revelation of his human form startles Natasha, but it's the inexplicable connection that binds them that truly leaves her breathless.
As their destinies entwine, Nikolai reveals a dark secret— an ancient evil lurking deep within the Siberian mountains, threatening his homeland. In return, he pledges to help her unravel the mystery of her mother's family, armed only with a cherished necklace and a cryptic note, Natasha believes her Russian roots lie somewhere in Siberia.
Their quest for truth and love unfolds against a backdrop of danger and enchantment, as they embark on a perilous journey into the heart of darkness and unearthing long-buried secrets that will forever alter Natasha's life. With their passionate alliance, can Natasha and Nikolai conquer the ancient evil that threatens to consume Siberia?

Passion's Pride Nikolai is a paranormal romance that weaves love and mystique into the tapestry of fate, and the untold magic hidden in the heart of Siberia. Join them on an unforgettable journey where love and destiny collide in the shadowy embrace of the Siberian wilderness.

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Upcoming Release! 1/17/24


Harmony In The Crescent City

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Love’s Crescendo, a Love Story of Music and Enchanting Magic in the Heart of New Orleans.

In the enchanting backdrop of New Orleans, a captivating love story unfolds between Marcus Thompson and Serena Davis. Marcus, deeply rooted in the city's jazz heritage, defies tradition to pursue his passion for jazz combined with classical piano. Serena, a dynamic businesswoman from a well to do family, is drawn to Marcus's musical genius.
Their worlds collide at a charity event, where Marcus's mesmerizing piano performance catches Serena's discerning eye. Recognizing the potential for a unique collaboration, their love story blossoms amidst the rich tapestry of culture, talent, and success.

Yet, their romance faces challenges from both sides – Marcus's jazz-centric family and Serena's high-profile wealthy clan. Bridging the gap between their cultural and class differences becomes a daunting task. As their love deepens, a revelation of ancient magic within the Thompson family adds a mystical twist to their journey.

With the birth of their prodigious daughter, Jasmine, the couple is faced with the task of uniting their disparate families. Will the magic within the Thompson bloodline hold the key to overcoming the opposition, or will the strains of tradition and modernity tear Marcus and Serena apart?

In this tale of love, music, and magic, the couple navigates a path that transcends boundaries, hoping to create a harmonious symphony that binds their families together.


Sake and Pumpkin Pie

"A great story from beginning to end with a lot of detail! Fascinating history of Japan folklore. Ms. SilverRain spins an awesome tale of fantasy and contemporary romance. I love the fact that the female lead is a strong and intelligent woman of color."

~Becca King, Amazon customer 

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